Finnroutes to happiness – Welcome to Southeast Finland!

Start your journey to finding your inner Finn from the fascinating travel routes of Southeast Finland. Here you can reconnect with nature and take on the active lifestyle of Finns – the happiest nation in the world. The lovely towns and versatile routes and destinations of Southeast Finland combine the best of Finland, only a stone’s throw from the beat of the capital city. And just when you think you’ve seen and experienced it all, the four truly different seasons of Southeast Finland invite you to gain even more experiences. Thanks to good traffic connections and reasonable distances, you can explore the entire region on top of a bike.

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Kotka-Hamina and Loviisa region – The charming Eastern coast and archipelago

The coast is inhabited by resilient and good-natured people and riddled with travel routes that can lead you to an adventure in the picturesque archipelago of the Baltic Sea, the untamed rapids of Kymijoki river, or the coastal towns filled with thousands of different stories. The Valkmusa and Eastern Gulf of Finland national parks invite you to enjoy the richness of nature, while the historic fortresses and the bunkers of Salpa Line offer an exotic glimpse into the border region. The explorer’s East coast awaits – with paddling, biking or hiking!

Kouvola – Where nature and the waters of Kymijoki river are always close

Take on Kouvola by walking, biking or paddling or rent a city bike! There are hundreds of kilometres of hiking routes in this active town, where you can enjoy diverse nature and exciting cultural history. Ride a bike to the Verla world heritage site, Repovesi national park or to the different creations of architect Alvar Aalto. Kouvola has great routes for all types of biking. And the paddling routes are no exception: take a mini trip to a peaceful small river, go for a longer paddle trip to an idyllic chain of lakes, or throw yourself into an adventure in the white rapids of the mighty Kymijoki river.

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Lappeenranta and Imatra region – A trip to the heart of Lake Saimaa

The labyrinthine Lake Saimaa is known for its breathtakingly beautiful nature, friendly and leisurely people, and eventful history at the border of the East and West. The routes of Lake Saimaa and the internationally renowned Geopark destinations invite for a leisurely day of biking, paddling and hiking. And the lake isn’t the only place to see: there’s more to gaze upon in the frothy waters of Imatrankoski, the historic fortress in Lappeenranta, and the country scenery of the surrounding municipalities. Let the largest lake area in Finland charm you away!